Burial Commitals

Burial, be it in a conventional cemetery or in a natural woodland site, remains the choice of many as their final resting place.

Sometimes an entire funeral ceremony is delivered here.  Or it could be that the majority of the ceremony takes place elsewhere with the final procession and lowering of the coffin into the grave being the culmination of the order of service.

Either way, great comfort can be found in the final words said at this point.  Perhaps a poem can be read.  Or a prayer can be said. Symbolic gestures such as the blowing of bubbles, the throwing of flowers into the grave or the releasing of balloons can be a wonderful way to help with this final act of goodbye.

However elaborate or simple you wish this ceremony to be, I am able and willing to support you to make sure the ceremony that accompanies the burial is thoughtful, loving and in keeping with your loved one’s wishes.

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The life given us by nature is short.  But the memory of a life well spent is eternal.