Memorial Ceremonies

Sometimes there is simply not enough time in a standard funeral ceremony to say everything that should be said to truly do justice to a person’s life.  This may be because the standard crematorium slot is not long enough.  Or that some of those who wish to contribute cannot make it to the funeral itself.  Or perhaps you wish to have a private funeral with only immediate family present.

Whatever the reason, if there is a need to have a longer ceremony to include much more detail, a memorial ceremony is an excellent way to do this.

Often held in a location that has resonance with the person who has died, the planning can take a few weeks if necessary.  There is no timescale for when this should take place so it really is up to you as to when you feel able to hold it.

Anyone that you choose can contribute so that a greater amount of detail can be included.  Perhaps work colleagues, extended family or friends from other interests could be asked to speak.

I will help to co-ordinate contributors to avoid duplication and make sure the ceremony flows naturally.

If you wish me to read elements on behalf of someone I will happily do so.  Or I can purely act as a Master of Ceremonies to ensure the smooth running of the whole occasion.

A memorial ceremony can bring huge comfort.  It is an opportunity to bring family, friends and acquaintances together to celebrate a person’s life in a way that many do not feel able to do at a funeral.  I will guide you through the planning and delivery so that the final outcome is a truly memorable occasion for all involved.

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Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every day.  Unseen, unheard but always near.  Still loved.  Still missed.  And very dear.